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Case Studies

This section presents a set of case studies that demonstrate our work in the field of asset tokenization.

Ranging from real estate projects to FX hedging solutions, these studies underscore

the potential of tokenization in diverse sectors.

Case study 1 - Real Estate Tokenization Project


Projected Savings: Our Client aims to slash up to 3% annually in financing costs

over a 5-year horizon and accelerate project delivery by 30% through faster financing.

Exceptional Benefits

Leveraging T-Rize Group's ground-breaking asset tokenization technology, our client - a leading Canadian real estate developer - encountered a series of tangible benefits. This bold departure from traditional financing methods marked a significant shift:


Client Perks :

  • On Schedule: Overcome bank lending hurdles, maintain momentum, and keep your projects on track.

  • Cut Cost Corners: Achieve a significant 30% reduction in financing costs compared to conventional routes.

  • Speedy Financing: Shave off months from your financing timeline, fast-forwarding from 3-6 months to a swift 4 weeks.

  • Cost Savings: 25% reduction in energy costs and LEED certification accompanied by our ESG experts.

  • Ecosystem Integration: Seamlessly weave into the T-Rize Ecosystem and its expansive liquidity network.


Investor Benefits :

  • Unlock Investment Potential: Each token set at 1 CAD drastically reducing the entry barrier.

  • Structured Financial Products: Up to 30% of the project can be converted into equity post-construction using our novel Convertible Construction Token Options, letting you reap the benefits of the project's appreciation.

  • Clear Communication: Engage in seamless, immutable conversations to conduct your due diligence and negotiate asset values.

  • Unleash Liquidity: Our ATS partnerships offer the flexibility to sell your tokens in secondary markets after a 12-month lock-in period, creating a much more liquid investment.

  • Effortless Investor Onboarding: Our solution makes KYC/AML processes easy, offering seamless onboarding for investors.

The Client and Challenge

Trying to help with the housing crisis and battling escalating material costs and labor shortages, our client found their ambitious project - a prime-located, multi-phase residential undertaking - at risk due to spiking bank interest rates and construction loan costs. 

The Objective

The client sought T-Rize Group for alternative, innovative financing solutions.

About Regulation

Thanks to their construction license, our client could raise capital via security tokens in the primary market.

Subject to certain conditions, these tokens will transition to an ATS for secondary market liquidity.

The Solution

We offered a transformative strategy - asset tokenization, exhibited on a bespoke, white-label platform via

our Tokenization SaaS technology. This comprehensive solution seamlessly integrates wallet analytics,

advanced risk management tools, along with tools for efficient dividend distribution and cap table management.

Our platform serves as the bedrock for the client's financing operations, simplifying processes and improving efficiency, thereby driving their project toward success.

The Process

Our strategy was divided into four key phases, each designed to ensure maximum value extraction and project success :


  • Phase 1 - Asset Enhancement: An exhaustive AI-aided asset evaluation and optimization for maximizing value.

  • Phase 2 - Legal Structure: Collaborating with EKITAS legal and fiscal firm, we defined legal rights, chose an optimal jurisdiction, and structured Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) entities.

  • Phase 3 - Technological Implementation: A customized version of our blockchain was developed, integrating critical features like KYC/AML, e-signature, and top-tier cybersecurity measures.

  • Phase 4 - Distribution & Marketing (Ongoing) : We're currently guiding the client on platform usage, initiating token distribution, enabling secondary market trading, and offering real-time fundraising tracking.


Through this case study, T-RIZE Group underscores its commitment to disrupting traditional methods, spearheading innovation in real estate investments, and broadening the scope of quality investments.

Our Six Pillars for a Stellar Work Ethic

Challenger Mentality

We constantly push boundaries and strive for excellence, going beyond the status quo to deliver exceptional value.


Inquisitiveness is at our core, driving ongoing learning and innovation within our team.

Clarity of Purpose

Our goals are clear, and our 'why' is strong, driving focused and efficient pursuit of our objectives.


We take full ownership of our outcomes, celebrating successes and learning from challenges with equal rigor.

Embracing Action Over Inaction

We prioritize proactive engagement and swift decision-making to maintain momentum and achieve results.


Our commitment to innovation is unwavering, as we lead with cutting-edge solutions in AI, DLT, and blockchain technology.

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