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Products & Services — Tokenization Platform

Digital & Tokenized Assets

Experience our platform designed specifically for managing digital and tokenized assets

Blockchain Interface

Interact seamlessly with blockchain technology through our user-friendly interface

Single Sign-On

Enjoy convenient access across all T-Rize platforms with a single sign-on created upon registration

Portal to T-Rize ecosystem

Benefit from full integration across all T-Rize products, ensuring a unified user experience

Tokenization SaaS  Brand-enhanced White-Label Solution

Seamlessly incorporate our customizable, white-label platform into your current infrastructure, tailored specifically for your needs. Enhance your reach by connecting to our ecosystem and leveraging interoperability with external networks to boost liquidity.

Dedicated Platform

Personalized platform, with its own domain, brand image and projects


Ability to issue from a wide library of tokens

Multiple projects

Possibility of recurring emissions of different projects

Blockchain Service

Cap table management and token distributions

Investor Onboarding

Integration with KYC / AML operator leveraging a Single Sign on Solution

Liquidity Network

Integrate with the DLTC.Network to access Institutional Liquidity

DealExpress Profile Express Interest_Updated.png

DealExpress — Express Listings for Brokers

List a commercial property in 5 minutes and gather interests from the liquidity network.

Discover price and demand level from a high quality pool of investors!

DealChat - Web3 Messaging System

  • Encrypted and secure messaging

  • Confidential file sharing

  • Immutable communication system

  • Facilitates seamless deal making

  • Enhances negotiation process

  • Work with all EVM-compatible wallets


Custom Software Development

Efficiency & Reliability

Streamline business processes with our custom solutions that eliminate redundancy and ensure scalability

Seamless Integration

Enhance and blend your legacy systems with new applications, thanks to our partnerships with leading tech consultants and vendors

Connected Growth

Capitalize on network effects with our interconnected ecosystems, designed for seamless data flow and growth

Data Security & Privacy

Count on our unwavering commitment to data privacy, offering reliable products designed to safeguard your data

Advisory Services

Tech Consultation

Benefit from our broad blockchain and AI expertise to receive personalized, insightful advice

Strategic Planning

We partner with you to craft a technology strategy that aligns with your specific objectives

Risk Management

We pinpoint potential hurdles and devise effective solutions for a seamless tech transition

Support & Training

Get continuous support and training to empower your team in harnessing the new technologies

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