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Tokenization Primer

What is RWA Tokenization

Example of off-chain tokenization illustration
Tokenization is the process of converting the rights associated with real-world assets into digital tokens. These tokens effectively represent a claim, whether ownership, equity, or other interests, within the asset, made manageable and tradable on a digital platform.

Tokenization is becoming mainstream


Institutional Adoption

Example Illustration of institutional adoption (to update all the news)

Mckinsey: Tokenization may be at an inflection point

Broadridge: DLR Transacts $1 Trillion a Month

Goldman Sachs introduced its Digital Asset Platform

KKR launched its first tokenized private equity feeder fund on Avalanche

Hamilton Lane introduced a "tokenized" fund on the Polygon Blockchain

Franklin Templeton has unveiled a mutual fund that utilizes a public blockchain.

JPMorgan Onyx....

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Tokenization Benefits: Efficiency and Cost Reduction

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Tokenization Use Cases

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Market Potential

The vast majority of assets in the world are private, and the market has been growing twice as fast as public markets, yet it remains mostly offline.
Example Illustration of market potential (to update all the other asset classes)

T-RIZE Technology

Illustrate how T-RIZE participate in the tokenization process and the unified ecosystem. Roles and responsibilities of everyone.
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