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Propel your Real Estate Projects
to the Global Stage

Get the best value for your assets, increase your efficiency
and lower your costs.

T-RIZE: Patent-Pending White-label
tokenization technology

Issue, Raise & Connect to your global investors

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Your Project and Branding,
Our Institutional-Grade Infrastructure,
Infinite Possibilities!


Streamlined KYC/KYB/AML

and project onboarding

for quick project launches.


Robust Cyber-Security controls, audited smart contracts,

and End-to-End encryption.


Engineered for quick

asset digitalization;

scalable and automated.


Reduced overhead

and intermediaries

for best market rates.

Tokenization could effectively reduce the time and cost of raising capital and closing transactions by over 50% on both metrics. 

Unlock Global Potential for Your Projects


Our Patent-Pending Platfom is now LIVE!

Customize your Offering

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Negotiate your Terms

Collaborate with your Team

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Assess Investors Interest

Features & Benefits

For Real Estate Developers

Raise capital on your terms | Be compliant | Go global | Leverage your brand | Embed to your website

Secure & Confidential Communication (coming soon) :

Offers immutable, encrypted dialogue

to ensure confidential and permanently recorded negotiations.

Global Exposure :



List your projects internationally

and access a global market to amplify

your fundraising potential.

Dynamic Pricing

(coming soon) :

Uses AI investir Community feedback

to make data-driver décisions

for optimal asset valuation.

Adaptable Fundraising :

Choose from multiple fundraising models and customize your strategies to fit your project's financial needs.

Brand Consistency :

Customizable UI and branding

to maintain your brand trust

and recognition.

Automated Processes

(coming soon) :

Streamlines asset workflows and corporate actions to save time and money

through automation.

For Investors

Access Premium Assets | Increase your ROI |Diversify | Lower your risk

Secure Communication

(coming soon) :

Encrypted, direct chats with asset owners

and investors to safeguard data

and privacy in negotiations.

Unlock Premium Investments :

Gain fractional ownership

in high-value assets and access premium investments affordably.

Smart Portfolio Management :

Offers diverse, transparent investment options that improve risk management

and asset liquidity.

Multi-Platform Access :

One-time KYC/AML for access across platforms for a streamlined,

hassle-free service access.

Data-Driven Decisions

(coming soon) :

Access real-time dashboards,

customizable reports, and transaction history to make informed decisions.

Advanced Filtering

(coming soon) :

Customizable alerts and filters stay updated and seize new opportunities.

Inside Our Workshop

Premium Features for Brokers

DealExpress™ | Express listing & Express interest

Your one stop portal for commercial real estate offerings and powerful tool for market assessment. Transform data into actionable insights.

Express Listing with DealExpress™ :

Rapidly list properties

for immediate visibility

and showcase your offerings.

Data Insight

(coming soon) :

Engagement and viewing metrics for real-time analytics insights

to inform your sales strategy.

Secure Engagement (coming soon) :

Web3 immutable messaging initiate talks with investors, ensuring confidentiality

and data integrity.

Asset Simulation Tools (coming soon) :

Simulate financial scenarios for the properties to boost investor engagement

and deal likelihood.

Real Estate Developers :
Get Pre-Qualified for Free! 

No setup, no registration, no prepayment fees 
for PRE-QUALIFIED Projects*

Commercial Real Estate Brokers :
Join for Free!

Be the first to experience DealExpress!

* Restrictions may apply. Limited availability.
Please contact us for elligibility details.

BlackRock CEO Larry Fink about the future of Tokenization

Risk management, Investment,
AI and Distributed Ledger Expertise

With a multidisciplinary team boasting extensive expertise

in capital markets, real estate development, blockchain technology, and artificial intelligence, T-RIZE is uniquely positioned to deliver an institutional-grade solution.


Our team is drawn from diverse fields, including finance, law, and construction, empowering us to address the industry's most pressing challenges. 

Our dedicated R&D arm, T-RIZE Labs, further elevates

our capabilities. Staffed by Ph.D. researchers and engineers specialized in AI and blockchain, the lab drives our technological advancements, ensuring that we stay

at the cutting edge of digital technologies.


This blend of deep market understanding and tech innovation allows us to offer solutions that are not just robust and reliable, but also future-proof.

About us

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