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T-RIZE Tokenization Technology

Your Strategic White-Label Partner for Asset Tokenization Solutions.

T-RIZE Group offers a transformative approach to asset tokenization by integrating state-of-the-art AI with a robust blockchain infrastructure. This dynamic combination seeks to enhance asset value, reduce costs, and broaden connectivity with the global financial ecosystem.

Our platform offers sophisticated financing strategies to unlock your assets' potential. With T-RIZE, customize your asset offerings on your terms and lead the charge in financial market innovation.

Collaborate with T-RIZE: Fortify your assets for the future and secure a competitive advantage in the digital economy.

Stay Tuned: The T-RIZE White Paper is coming soon!

Capitalize on T-RIZE Expertise:
Research, Infrastructure, Applications

T-RIZE is built on three foundational pillars:

Innovative Research: Stay at the forefront with our advanced blockchain tokenization and machine learning insights.

Robust Infrastructure: Count on our secure and resilient platform to support all your operational needs.

Solution-Driven Applications: Meet your business objectives with our focused, results-oriented technology.

Transition from strategy to execution with confidence, empowered by our unwavering commitment to quality.

Discover the Power of T-RIZE Technology

Unlock Your Asset Potential: Step into a world where tokenization isn't just a process—it's your strategic advantage. With T-RIZE, you gain access to a secure, transparent, and efficient platform that transforms your assets into digital powerhouses. Explore the unique benefits that set us apart and propel your business into the forefront of the digital economy.

Unlocking Collaboration with Federated Learning

Central to our blockchain architecture is Federated Learning, a breakthrough that prioritizes your privacy and enables a smarter, decentralized approach to AI. This means you enjoy cutting-edge machine learning collaborations in your industry with the assurance that your data remains confidential and under your control.

Illustration: T-RIZE Loosely Coupled Federated Learning Architecture

Explore the Depths of T-RIZE Technology

Dive into the technical sophistication of T-RIZE's blockchain infrastructure and AI architecture with our White Paper. Detailing the nuances of physical asset tokenization, it showcases the adaptability and precision of our systems through practical use cases.

The content is structured to be accessible, equipping a wide audience—from seasoned professionals to industry newcomers—with the clarity needed to capitalize on our technology for digital transformation.

Stay Tuned: The T-RIZE White Paper is coming soon!

About T-RIZE Labs

T-RIZE Labs leads the charge in blockchain innovation, fostered by a landmark partnership with École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS) and the T-RIZE Group. This collaboration has given rise to the T-RIZE Industrial Research Chair in Blockchain Technologies, a strategic initiative focused on championing the widespread adoption of blockchain and tokenization through practical, sustainable solutions.
T-RIZE Labs Members

With a vibrant team of over 20 postdoctoral researchers, doctoral candidates, and graduate students from M.A.Sc and M.Eng programs, T-RIZE Labs thrives. Our members, each bringing their unique expertise, are the driving force behind our innovative blockchain and AI research initiatives.

Research Focus and Projects


T-RIZE Labs' research is robust and varied, spanning the latest advancements in blockchain and AI. Steered by a dedicated cohort of scholars and industry experts, we aim at delivering impactful solutions that resonate across industries and society.

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