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T-RIZE Group Announces Groundbreaking Integration with Base Blockchain Powered by Coinbase

T-RIZE Group, a leader in blockchain innovation and real estate tokenization, is excited to announce the world's first tokenized Real Estate solution to integrate with the Base Blockchain.

Montreal, November 14 2023

T-RIZE Group, a leader in blockchain real estate solutions, today unveiled the world's first real estate tokenization platform integrated with Base Blockchain. This innovative move follows the successful creation of T-RIZE's own Institutional-Grade Hybrid Blockchain, marking a significant leap in digital real estate fundraising.


​Innovative Integration Marks Industry First

T-RIZE Group's latest integration with Base Blockchain underscores its ongoing dedication to harnessing state-of-the-art technology. This strategic move aims to amplify the group's real estate tokenization offerings, introducing new possibilities through Base's extensive network. The initiative is designed to increase the accessibility and efficiency of real estate investments globally, in line with T-RIZE Group's objective to democratize access to quality assets.


Broadening Access to Sophisticated Real Estate Opportunities

The integration broadens T-RIZE Group's ability to deliver secure and sophisticated tokenization services, thereby reaching a wider audience and penetrating new markets. This move is instrumental in advancing the company's vision of transforming real estate investment and offering exceptional service to a diverse clientele.


Forging a Path of Innovation and Expansion

This marks the beginning of a new chapter in technological innovation for T-RIZE Group. By harnessing the capabilities of Base Blockchain as well as Coinbase’s comprehensive suite of APIs, SDKs, and infrastructure solutions, T-RIZE is poised to explore new possibilities and drive forward the frontiers of the tokenization industry. The company invites stakeholders to join in this exciting phase of growth and technological evolution.

About T-RIZE Group


Established in August 2022, T-RIZE is a fintech firm rooted in profound institutional knowledge. They specialize in blockchain and AI technologies, primarily focusing on the tokenization of real-world assets—converting tangible, physical entities into digital tokens. Their main objective is to address financial challenges in the real estate arena by offering innovative and cost-effective alternatives to traditional financing methods. Their flagship platform, DealNest, combines blockchain and AI to aid in the tokenization of real estate assets. This not only paves the way for new financing routes but also enhances market liquidity. Boasting a skilled team of industry professionals, T-RIZE stands as a significant contender in fintech-driven real estate financing.

Contact Information :


T-RIZE Group Corporation
The T-RIZE Group:

2500-1155 René-Lévesque West, Montreal, QC, Canada, H3B 3X7

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